Australia Day 2016Well it's Australia Day 2016, Bloody Brilliant!

This is a shout out to our fellow Aussie, Guys and Gals.You are True Blue if you call everyone mate, know all the words to Waltzing Matilda but only one line of our National anthem. You will always catch the last 20 songs of the Triple J's Hottest 100 on Australia Day. We have a nation full of pride although the the only Prime Minister we remember is Bob Hawke for sculling a yard glass in record time at the Cricket... Impressive, but so is the record for turning over more politicians than horses that won the Melbourne Cup.

If you are a young Aussie, you think that Bali is a suburb of Darwin and Bintang singelets are a form of Aussie international fashion. Even if you grow a hipster beard and a man-bun, you wear thongs as the national footwear of choice, unless you are a tradie, of course and it’s a pair of Blundstone boots and a blue singlet.

Naturally, you love your sport and Ozzie Rock, but most of all you love to help your fellow True Blues. You are at the Bunnings sausage sizzle for chopping oranges for the local kids basketball or soccer clubs. Putting on a feed for your mates or building a deck for the Missus in the Summer heat 

Australia is a harsh landscape and only the tough survive it. The bushfires, floods, cyclones and droughts are brutal. Most of our animals are level 10+ crazy, throw in a handfull of locals from up North and you have the perfect cocktail of culture. True Blue Aussies grit their teeth and get on with it. Don't change a thing Australia - we love you.



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