A fine line between delicious and deadly is the humble Beer Nut.

Food is important at many intervals of the day to keep us refreshed and alert. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are important meals of the day although many dieticians think that eating smaller meals and snacking regularly through the day is better for the digestive system and metabolisim than larger meals.

But more importantly on a Friday or late afternoon in the week is the consumption of beer and snacks. Beer has the unique ability to sneak up on unsuspecting males at different intervals and situations. This decceptive intervention can cause most of us to "pretend" our tummies are full when they are actually empty - Enter the importance of the Beer Nut.

Beer Nut Biography: 101

The Plan: The Bartender places a discreet bowl of nuts at the end of the bar as a complementary refreshment. Strategically the bowl of nuts packs that much saline and salt that would lead a horse to water.

The Customer: Upon entering the bar acknowledges the Barman, complementing him on the such a well kept bar and bounty of free refreshments provided. "F@rk Yeah Beer Nuts"

The Confusion: Said customer develops an inability to realise that he is thirsty even though he has consumed several beverages and skipped a meal in between. Barman+1 & patron 0

Ingredients and the science: It's no mystery that salt makes you thirsty, hence you drink more?

Duh, right! Well are there any other side effects from consuming communal delicate in a public venue?

The answer. You bet your ass!

The Facts: Salt, naturally kills bacteria as it draws moisture from the surface area that bacteria and E coli (Escherichia coli)
require to reproduce. But in certain environments they are difficult to control, like the public toilet that is the nut bowl or jar at the pub - BEWARE
Did this Guy Wash his hands?Did this Guy wash his hands?

Probably not, according to life sciences & Michigan State University  95% of people (That includes men you dirty little bastards), don't wash their hands. Yes, that's peeing and pooping! Dirty hands are contribute to 50 percent of all foodborne illness outbreaks. So let us welcome our E Coli friends to the party.