Time: 5 mins

Cost & Yield: 300g $8-$10 about 30-40 applications or 28c each use

Ingredients: Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Bicarbonate Soda

Equipment: Spoon, mixing dish, airtight container

Retail Price equivalent: $26 - $35 about 30-40 applications or $1 each use

Top 3 benefits of making your own face scrub.

  1. Use more natural high end ingredients and save money on store bought products
  2. When you make your own blend of skincare product, you know what's in it.
  3. Yield 10 x more product for the same cost.

So why the use Organic, well this ensures that NO chemicals are used through the whole lifecycle of the Coconut. From cultivation, processing and supply chain the product is free from chemicals that would normally be used to enhance or disguise through preservatives or colouring the product. 

Virgin Oil, what is it? This ensures that the product is not chemically processed. Cold pressed oils go through a mechanical process to extract the oil from the host product. The acidity level is generally less than 0.8% and deemed a more pure extract product, the purities have not been heated or treated either.



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