1. Circle beard: The beard shape will be circled and covers the chin and the upper skin of the lips. And the rest of the face will be clean shaved. It looks very manly and if you are tall, then it brings out an impressive stature.

2. Five o clock shadow: Top on everyone’s list, everyone can try this style however it is better to be maintained. If you got a full face beard then just clean shave it and don’t shave for 2-3 days. Then your beard will look short and natural. It will definitely enhance your personality and features. But the problem is if your beard grows longer, then five o clock shadow will be ruined. Stay sharp, stay classy Men.

3. Chinstrap: It is kind a boyish style .It will make you look innocent, what girls always want. If you want to make dapper impressions try the chinstrap it is one of the better options for the gentleman approach.

4. Van Dyke: Van Dyke is a style which always suits artistic person or a man with flair. This style will make your facial expression more calm and mature. It will give you a leader type outlook which will help you to lead others.   

Finally, Man’s face is your gift of nature, your outlook and personality and remains on your hands. Simple grooming rules and taking care of your facial hair will make you more attractive and confident.

High Five MAN