The History of Shaving - Men’s Shaving evolution:


Men's shaving has become a necessary activity in the modern man’s daily life. In recent times men’s shaving is much easier and comfortable and one can have a pretty perfect facial hair, styled within their own home by using modern shaving kits. But the art of shaving doesn’t come to this apex point by itself, the evolution of shaving has its roots deep in the foundations of both mankind’s history and culture.

From time to time, it has been seen that shaving, hair styling conveyed significant ethnic meaning for men. Shaving and grooming facial hair become a part of the culture and sub culture of most men, but the often asked question is when men actually think they need to shave? 

Step back to the ancient time, this article will take a brief look at the past in tribute to our manscaped primates and fellow Mankind.

In prehistoric time, when men used to live in the caves most amazingly a form of basic shaving existed then. Cave painting and wooden carvings show us that caveman used sea shells to pluck their facial hairs. They trim facial hair as a long beard led to a collection of grime and food during daily feeding.

Men’s shaving history went through all stages of evolution and was also used to entice a female of the species. Oh my! How times change, not really!

Shaving caveman Razor Shell

Picture: Cave Wall Art depicting shaving, Fossilised Sea Shell

By the passage of time the human race’s ability to engineer tools and developed materials around 30,000 BC back, people started to use flint blades to manage the shaving needs.

Ancient Egypt


After a long time, kind of 27,000 years later copper razors were invented in India and Egypt. Time to time the tools were re-engineered to meet the needs of the climate and people. Grooming was a form of great ceremony for the upper-class, facial hair was removed and replaced with "dummy beards" even for women of power. Yes women with beards?




Near about 500 BC back barber shops were seen scattered throughout the Roman Empire, the birthplace of many histories was to unfold with the adoption of the new found art of Shaving.


The main purpose of shaving is looking tidy and attracting the opposite sex. Women usually used razor blades, tweezers, creams and pumice stone to shave their unwanted leg hair.

Men who played competitive sports often shaved their head. Sometime head shaving considered as a punishment in various cultures, others deemed this a necesity to minimise the spread or infestation of lice.

In the reign of Alexander the Great shaving was very much patronized by the king himself. The King of shaves, Alexander thought that if soldiers shave their head and beard they had an advantage in hand to hand combat, as the opponent could not get the chance to grab hold of their hair.  

Meanwhile around 476-1270 A.D. Women adapt a vogue to remove all the hair from the eyebrows, eyelashes, temples and neck to make them look more appealing.  Time to time the trend was changing in the society to society, country to country, so the story of shaving also has changed. Keeping the beard becomes a trend among the men of France in the twelfth century. But the vogue couldn’t long last at the end of the century and then clean shave become the new style.

In the middle age, western church leader support shaving as they thought that shaving could easily differentiate among christen and the other religion such as Jew, Muslim etc. The most surprising fact is this vogue became a canonical law in 1096.Approximately in the mid to late 17 century aristocratic people considered wearing artificial eyebrow is part of the aristocracy.

Silently the shaving trend gave its first step into the modern phase by the movement of the industrial revolution. For the first time automatic machinery, high speed production and standardisation was shaping the nation and the world.

 Industrial Rev1Industrial shave

Razors were produced in England in the 18-19th century. It was surely whispering that the men’s shaving history is going to change.

In 1847 William Henson made the “hoe type” razor with the blade perpendicular to the handle and it became a hit. At that time various type potions were used as a shaving lather or cream base. A very famous form was cherry laurel water.

 Patent hoe guard razorPicture:  Patent Figure of William Henson Hoe Guard Razor. 

The, then England totally ruled the whole shaving industry. But Kampfe brothers of America first made an out of the box thinking. They invented the safety razor where one side of the actual blade was used for shaving.  

But the history of shaving was meant to be changed radically. And the change was made by the great American businessman King Camp Gillette. It says an idea can change your life .And that’s really true. King Camp’s idea of shaving with a disposable razor which has double edge blades was about change this whole world’s daily life. But the blades weren’t easy to make, King Camp had to wait patiently for six years to find someone who skilled enough to help him engineer disposable blades.

 King_C._GillettePicture: King Camp Gillette (Source Wikipedia)

Finally, it was 1903 when the first batch of razors was ready to sell in the market of America.  The production of razors were growing year to year, And when it was 1906 Gillette produced around 300,000 production units this was outstanding for the time period. But the most interesting thing was king camp was selling the razors with a great business strategy. He was selling blades by the thousands and giving the handles to the people at a loss. As it is obvious that without blades there is no use of razors and vice versa. 

As the time flies the society was changing and the cloth of the women was shrinking as showing body became a trend.  So women felt the necessity to remove unwanted body hair. Keeping this need in mind the Gillette introduced   Milady Décolleté which is considered as the first women shaving razor.  

Moreover shaving industry suddenly uplifted tremendously by the invention of electric razor. It observed the sweet taste of advancement. Jacob Schick a retired army officer shows us that it is possible to make electric razors.

Time to time like this the advancement story goes on. We observe more and more comfort in shaving day by day. It is a never ending history of development and evolution.  

Picture: Modern Razor Manbrand Shave club 5+1 blade head, Manbrand razor blade Evolution 


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