Design and Engineering Blades: Razors are very different depending on their end user requirement, the durability and specific purpose. Most consumable razor blades are designed for durability over a short period of time, offering an economical and hygienic alternative to the legacy wet shaving or the traditional barber style straight razor shave.

Manbrand have a blog on history of shaving you can visit here, but for now we're makin shit.

Wet Shaving and Straight razors are also awesome forms of shaving and offer a superior shave, however often inconvenient and rely on the user skill in terms of avoiding cuts and razor nicks.

shaving toolsRazor Materials: Razors are made from steel and corrosion resistant compound layers. Therefore each razor edge is honed and sharpened individually to maintain structural integrity of the blade edge. Hard steel such as carbide steel produces a superior material as it is strong alloy when combined and formed with tungsten-carbon. Other combinations of Manganese, silicon, titanium and molybdenum can be found in patent razor products. So each manufacturer can claim that their quality and materials are the "Best a man can get" as each company has varied the materials over time to produce the ultimate performance razor.

The Manufacturing Process: Lasers ...Pew Pew.., Water Grinders ..Grr Grr and Sanders & Stone sharpening...crunch...crunch. These are many of our favourite things, hey Guys? Yup!  The process involves heating and treating the steel, first of al dye or templates are cut from the base material. 

Laser Cutting bladeThe base material is formed and cut to the desired width and form factor. The next step is hardening the steel, this is done when high temperature is applied for 10 or so seconds. After the hardening process an edge is formed to a degree that can be fashioned over 2-3 stages, depending on the material and required edge strength. Protective hardening coatings are added, some of these are a combination made from diamond, carbon, titanium, carbides, oxides and ceramics.

This process of adding additional layers and protection both improves strength and the durability of the edge ultimately increasing the resistance of corrosion and dramatically improving the overall shaving ability "effectiveness" of the blade property.  

Features & Innovation: Multi blade razors cartridges are combined with additional lubricating strips and moisture guards that provide water-based moisturizer when activated. These features provide convenience when soap or creams are unavailable and also provide a consistent clean shave on the go. 

Aloe Vera & Vitamin E5 blade razor profileGenerally the whole blade head is thrown away after 2-3 shaves or within a week. Razor Guide: Single use, Multi-Blade, Wet-Shave (double edge) & Straight Razor 

Multi-Blade: 3 & 5 blade Razors offer comfort and consistency ManBrand Shave Club are positioned in this category. Our service is designed so men can get an awesome shave every day.

The reason why we started our service was to offer easy delivery of awesome razors linked with the consumption rate of each member. The promise, that in a shave-club the bulk purchasing offers members cost effective replacement of their razors and timely delivery each month.

Our F@rking Awesome Blades!!

Evolution five-blade razor + trimmer-blade (AU$8.50) Per month and includes 3 cartridges

Revolution three-blade razor (AU$6.50) Per month and includes 4 cartridges

Single use / Single Blade are generally used in medial procedures or provided as amenities for a convenient single shave. These are effective as a hygienic and single purpose shavers but not for repeated shaving cycles.

Wet Shave Double edge: Butterfly razors have been popular since the 1930's although the recurring trend is to use disposible razors that provide a cost effective safe and consistent shave.

Happy Shaving Man!