Men are hard wired to survive. As single "lone wolves”, we have behavioural skills to work out what we want, how to get it and to neutralize anyone who stands in our way.

Often, those who challenge us become our closest friends. Why? Manbrand confirms that men are competitive by nature and can be ruthless against a rival when a common goal is in sight. Survival of the fittest gives you the status of Top Dog.

Teaming up with an equal in strength and cunning probably helped drag our hairy- bloke arses out of the caves and eventually, into corporate corner offices across the globe.

Manbrand suggests that men have evolved into socialised beings forming strong bonds in various relationships based on shared values, mutual respect and love.

So, how does the modern man stand tall in the social landscape of today?

Manbrand Tip: Know your Pack

The schoolyard is the first place boys (and girls, too) find out who's who in the zoo. Group engagement is polite-speak for working out who is friend or foe, and it's the quick or you're dead.

Do you like blue?
Do you like pancakes?
Yep ...........equals.......................Besties 4 life.

(see  Manbrand’s post on Bropartnerships in Video Games)

Likes and dislikes form communication of common values and friendship can become a refuge from the pack mentality. That kick- around buddy in the blue shirt scarfing pancakes may end up being your best drinking buddy, your first flatmate, leading sniper in on- line combat or your main wing- man at your wedding.

Manbrand on The Emotion of Blokes.

This is tricky territory. If a bro is down, it’s serious, often depending on emotional state, personality type,current social or financial situation.

(Reaching out has never been easier with organisations around like Beyond Blue or Lifeline )

Yes, at Manbrand, we understand emotional distress, but how do we respond to our mates without seeming weird or sappy or worst of all, unmanly.

Empathy and sympathy are poles apart in Bloke World.

Male Empathy is helping a mate see that it's not that bad if it's happened to you too .e.g.
Your mate's man-bun has given him a bald patch. Me too Man!

Male Sympathy is genuinely feeling sorry that your mate is hurting expressing sympathy is sometimes difficult as too much emotion seems soggy and patronising. Too little sympathy and you risk a mate in meltdown or the cold stare.e.g.Your mate's lost his job. You are really sorry, but hey, let's go to Bali on the Redundancy!

MANBRAND: Helping Mates Stay Mates.

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