To shave or not to shave? If you are not sure about growing a beard or taking the social identity leap of faith and shaving your beard, here are a few reasons how to get an effortless new facial hair style, clean shave or trim that will leave you feeling great and Sassy Man!

Cold Climate: This will inevitably be a time to grow additional man-rug-material or additional body hair to combat the cold. Don’t worry if the correct grooming techniques are adopted it shouldn’t be too hard to manscape through the colder months. So if you are embarrassed to find food crumbs caught in your whiskers, or soup strainer mustache we have the answers to grooming and hair growth too.

Hot Climate: Humid weather makes people “men & women” sweaty and if you are worried about personal hygiene or If your partner complains of constant irritation or the dreaded "pash rash" it’s time to choose.

To beard or not to beard! See our blog post on shaving myths, hair does not grow back thicker or faster and if shaved regularly will improve the look and feel of your face.

Facial hair styleFacial Hair Trends: Every bloke seems to trend up and down with their grooming routine depending on current style and fashion, what our mates are doing. You can pick up some style tips. So be different, shave and style your beard, stand out from the crowd.

How to remove a beard or course hair: Rule number one is do not try to shave off a thick beard all in one go. With your next haircut ask your barber/stylist to remove most of your beard to a length you can safely manage yourself. Or, if you feel confident you can use scissors or clippers and do this yourself. Next, plan ahead! For the big shave, aim for a Friday night, so your face has the weekend to recover.



Bathroom essentialsPreparation & Equipment:
Lay out your equipment i.e. Razor or disposable blades, cleanser, beard oil or shave cream, toner, moisturiser and also clean towels. ManBrand recommend using a soothing non-alcohol based aftershave or balm post shave. Remember this is a time to romance and celebrate your skin! Not end the ritual with a burning sacrifice. Try premium or more natural store bought products. Alternatively follow our ManBrand links to our DIY shaving products;

  1. Do it yourself – Beard & Essential Oils
  2. Do it yourself – Coconut face scrub
  3. Do it yourself – Aloe Vera & skin protection

Throw away your old razorThrow away your old razors! They can Kill.... Ok maybe not kill, but it's yucky keeping them after more than 3 shaves and it only takes 1 infection, 1 ingrown hair or a neck rash that can bring a man down in the field. Don't be a fool have a clean tool!



Method: First, wash your face with warm water and a cleanser, not soap. Soap can dry and clogs your pores. Also generic soaps can spread bacteria if used to wash other body areas prior to your face. Yes! Washing your nads and armpits are off limits during this grooming exerciseNow, apply a beard oil or shave balm cream and wait a few minutes to soften your whiskers. A hot, a clean hot towel works well too open pours and relax the protein in the hair follicles and surface skin. Always use the sharpest and cleanest razor you have. Disposable razor heads like Manbrand razor heads are the best alternative for hygiene and personal care. 

Shaving a beardOk, here we go-let's shave!
Hot Tip: Shaving along the grain of your hair growth. Hold your skin taut with your free hand to minimise skin irritation. Do not press too hard, just steady even strokes, rinsing well in between.

Your skin will feel tight and itchy after the shaving, so splash your face with cold water to close the pores and pat dry with a clean towel. If you prefer, you may use a toner containing witch-hazel or Aloe Vera.

Now, apply a light moisturiser to rehydrate and repair your skin and to prevent razor burn.
Continued daily moisturising will minimise wrinkles.

Clean shaveStand back and admire the new you. Well done Man!




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