In tight economic times, more men are watching their wallets and keeping a closer eye on their spending habits. New data shows people are spending less on luxuries like takeaway meals and holidays and entertainment.

But when it comes to spending on essential, everyday items another trend is emerging that could save men hundreds of dollars.

For decades men have had little choice and option and need to spend up big on razors and shaving products. Multinational companies control geographic markets and supply chains resulting in a consumers paying a premium an everyday consumable items.

Why? Because they can! This most Men ask, why do razor blades need so expensive?

How to shave and Save with ManBrandNew e-commerce site ManBrand Shave Club Australia aims to change that, and save Aussie blokes a small fortune along the way.

Men traditional spend up to $25 each on month on big brand razor products. But ManBrand Shave Club’s Director explains that there’s a new way to shave, and save. Keeping the essentials at a price in line with quality customers expect.

Traditional men’s grooming and shaving brands operate on a push to market basis. Manufacturers operate from outside Australia and multiple layers of vendors, marketing and packaging costs inflate the price passing cost directly onto the consumer.

Men have been the primary target by big brand razor companies and retail channels with little variation on customer engagement, service or price. All too often the big brands use marketing tricks to entice men to buy their expensive products.

Increasingly however, more men are simply looking for a good product and service that gets the job done.

From the Director of ManBrand “We found big brand razor companies had little flexibility to compete between their market offer, so they are left fighting over base product features, fancy packaging and retail shelf space,” Mr Miller Director of ManBrand said.

“Frequently the companies entice, aid or persuade their buyer’s decisions using “New Tech” buzzwords.

“ManBrand doesn’t sell battery assisted vibrating razor heads and laser guided trimmers or stability and wavelength control, we filled a market gap offering a delivery service appealing to our community and online audience.”

“ManBrand customers are smart savvy shoppers” “We chose to translate that voice into a functional service that people would want to become part of”

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New Plans Available 2015 - ManBrand Shave Club

5 blade razor subscription

Evolution five-blade razor + trimmer-blade (AU$8.50) Per month and includes 3 cartridges

Estimated savings per annum (AU$195.00) when compared to the Fusion equivalent


3 Blade razor subscriptionRevolution three-blade razor (AU$6.50) Per month and includes 4 cartridges

Estimated savings per annum (AU$82.00) when compared to Mach 3 equivalent.