Why disposable razors?

Disposable razors, also referred to as razor blade packs, are very convenient since they do not require honing and stropping like straight razors. However, after a few uses, disposable razors dull especially due to shaving of course facial stubble and thicker hair. Their usefulness can be extended with proper attention, cleaning and care. 

Having a fresh razor whenever you need one is always convenient Manbrand designed our Shave Club membership with this principal in mind. We also reduced overheads so our members would be able to purchase quality razors without added costs in marketing 

Razor theft is very rampant in retail, guess who pays?

In the USA and Australia, health and beauty product retailers across all channels have reported shoplifting as a critical concern due to pressure from either the economic crisis or rising living costs. Men’s grooming products are a commodity in constant demand. One of the principal cause for such theft is the growing popularity of the internet auction sites.

Criminals can quickly find potential buyers through classified adverts and internet auctions such as eBay. This theft has caused the resale price for such products to soar significantly. Such theft also creates added security that adds additional cost for businesses and a rise in counterfeit razors

A recent research conducted by GTRB Global concluded that health and beauty retailers are worst hit by shoplifting in the USA and Australia, especially men’s grooming products. In many cases, employees play a significant role in orchestrating such incidents, an individual can easily steal $600 worth of goods on their person in one sweep.

Cost vs. Quality - Why selection makes a big difference

If convenience is a primary requirement when shaving, then a disposable razor is the best option. In terms of cost and hygiene implications, disposable razors are the cheapest and cleanest hands down when compared to safety razors and electric razors. With an electric razor, one ends up paying $100 as a baseline for a good blade.

However, the price creeps towards $200. Recurrent costs will then follow, i.e., replacement heads that retail for $30 to $50 depending on your model. Ouch! Majority of users will tend to use the dull razor heads far past their expiry date, causing razor rash, cuts and bad morning male mood swings.

On the other hand, safety razors are cheap but have a severe learning curve, in the wrong hands the razor edge is exposed and could cut and dice your face and hands. Also safety razor blades can be used twice before it starts to degrade. It has an initial cost of around $30 making it a high end product for most consumers.

ManTip: The best option is to get razors that are manufactured with good quality stainless steel, replace razor blades each week or every two weeks. Manbrand Shave Club offer easy delivery service so you never have to source your razors again. We are low cost and offer better quality razor blades.

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