Hair grows back faster, thicker and darker

This is a common misconception that repeated shaving stimulates the hair follicle and thus increasing the growth speed and hair thickness. This was scientifically disproven in 1920’s by Dermatologist textbooks and later supported by a clinical trial in 1970’s after a study was conducted on 5 men shaving over 2 weeks and then a further 19 weeks. Journal of Investigative Dermatology (1970) Rate of growth depended on length and weight of the individual’s hair. Conclusion: Hair growth was influenced by temperature and nutrition. As the growing portion of the hair is below the skin in the deeper dermis shaving had no effect on hair growth.

You should shave against the natural grain?

Absolutely, nothing will piss your face off more than reverse engineering your natural growth pattern. When hair is cut in the opposite direction this causes an uneven surface of the tip of the hair. This can cause the hair to recede below the skin surface or scalp leading to the dreaded ingrown hair and irritation while shaving.  

Shaving everyday causes ingrown hairs.

Not really! A man’s skin and manly leather depends on a number of factors. Skin sensitivity, grooming routine, hair coarseness, shaving technique and hygiene of tools. Skin is made up of mostly water thus it reacts differently to a number of factors.

In 1984 the great Sensei Mr Miyagi said to Karate Kid Daniel San Wax on Wax off.

To avoid ingrown hairs it is best to have a grooming routine where the skin can relax and condition itself.

1. Typical routines include steaming to open the pours and relax the hair

2. Shaving with clean razor blade, quality soap or cream or lubricant

3. Rinsing the face and dry the area, cool the skin to close the pours.

Additionally: Moisturise or use a mild aftershave balm.  Also please see our men's grooming hygiene & health blog post for more tips.

Using more pressure gets a closer shave.

Nope! Downward pressure increases friction and razor burn. Modern shaving blades are designed and engineered for a close quick shave.

See Evo-5 & Rev-3 razors by ManBrand & yes they’re Awesome!

More razor blades the better right?

No, modern blades are made to enable flow in (cream and hair) and flush out (rinse out debris). Hair is shaved and washed out frequently, more blades complicate the shave as the blade profile is decreased and gets clogged up with soap, dead skin and stubble. Yuk!

I can reuse my razors forever? Ahhhhhhhh!

This is not recommended as modern blades have specialised coating that enables fast efficient and most of all hygienic removal of hair. Prolonged use of any disposable stainless or coated blade head will lead to an increase in bacteria and dull blades.