Skin Care Tips for Men
Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Skin

* Wash your face with mild soap,follow with oil-free moisturizer.

* Rinse razors well & change disposible blades often.

* Select only premium skincare products.

* Use sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a hat.

* Eat a well-balanced diet, fresh fruit & vegetables.

* Drink lots of water & minimal sugar based beverages.

* Moderate alcohol consumption 2 days per week.

* Get regular exercise to reduce stress levels.

* Get plenty of sleep.

Ask a girl, well it's not a mans specialty to know common facts about skin care. Girls are the best source of information, they learn from parents, other girls and also their magazines are filled to the brim on tips for skincare. Maybe you can trade skin care tips with another girl for barbeque tips or how to build a deck. 

Skin care routinePimples and Zits
Pimples are caused by sebum (oil) clogging the pores of the skin around hair follicles, bacteria grows, inflammation and infection follows.

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs can be avoided by shaving with the grain of the hair growth and not stretching the skin too much. Nicks and cuts can be reduced by taking your time with your shave. However, if you do nick your skin, use a styptic pen to stop blood flow and infection.

Dermatitis is the everyday name for most rashes, including eczema and psoriasis. As with severe acne, these  conditions are best treated by your GP. The earlier the treatment, the better that the results.

Moles and freckles on your face should be checked regularly and if you notice any changes, consult your doctor or local GP.

Keep your bathroom clean. Change your towels often. If towels need a sniff test, they need a wash. Always make sure after towels are washed they are dried in direct sunlight or dried in the clothes dryer on a long or heavy setting.

Tips for Good looks / hangover cure.
Get a concealer for dark circles and bags under your eyes or have a facial from a qualified skin therapist.

Product: Select quality bathroom products, moisturizer, soap, razors and facial scrub. Look for quality products that are manufactured with high quality natural ingredients and don't use products that are tested on animals.


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