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One principal cause for such theft is the growing popularity of the internet auction sites. Criminals can quickly find potential buyers through classified adverts and local Australian internet auctions and global listings such as eBay. This petty theft has accumulated and caused the retail price for such products to significantly increase.

Such theft a very lucrative venture for dodgy people shifting brand razors, trying to make ends meet. The grey market activity also opens distribution opportunity for counterfeit products to circulate. A recent research conducted by GTRB Global concluded that men's health and beauty retailers are worst hit by shoplifting in both the USA and Australia, especially razor kits and men's grooming products. In most cases, employees play a significant role in orchestrating such incidents.

Such thefts are very common. Since the disposable razors carry considerable price tags, shops owners end up losing amounts in excess of $600. Hundreds of blades can fit in small bags which can be hidden in sweatshirts, undergarments, and hats.