Mario Bros

Mario & LuigiSuper Mario - From arcade classic to sitting on the couch on a Saturday morning arguing over who got to be the green guy. This game revived the home entertainment & video game scene back in the 80's Mario is now one of the most widely recognised figures in the world. Go Mario.





Snow BrosSnow Bros ScreenCoin-op Classic based platforming similar to Bubble Bobble. Unlike their bubble blowing cousins. "Nick & Tom" Whooped some serious ass, covering their enemies in a bararge of snow. Working together the aim was to bust out a snow fight and knock the bad guys out of the park. Simple and yet mesmerising. 

Often the most underestimated game played while waiting at the Arcade for your turn to have your ass kicked on Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or Daytona.



BattletoadsZitz and RashBeat 'em up with Attitude - Frogs and toads smashing things, rats, sci-fi bull like opponents. This game lifted the bar for Beat 'em up's. Phat Beats, groovy graphics and cool animations, saw players throwing opponents off the screen, at the screen and even introducing combo-moves. Zits & Pimple set out to save their Bro against the Evil "But Saucy" Dark Queen. While in the Arcade Zits, Rash & Pimple were playable in the 1994 Arcade version. This game was developed by RARE and put them on the gaming Map.



Double DragonBilly & Jimmy

This is a ManBrand office favourite. Yes we have an arcade machine in our office - Ok! Doesn't everyone. This 3 button masher saw Billy and Jimmy witness their "Girlfriend get Kidnapped" Nuf said. The boys go in search of the gang & Boss that took her. They brawl a range of thugs that offer up a range of hand to hand weapons, knifes, baseball bats, whips and oil drums. Famous opponents and muscle man and sub-boss Abobo, as is seen in this picture. Spoiler Alert!! The boys have to duke it out at the end to get the Girl. Very 80's indeed.
Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble

2 Little Dinosaurs-Dragons, bubbles, fast shoes, watermelon & candy. This game had it all. Bub & Bob had us shaking down Mom & Dad for spare change most weekends. Teaming up and blasting bubbles at enemies. Fun colours and 100 stages. Basic graphics but incredible fun. Classed as a Puzzle platformer, there is allot to say that this game created many spin offs that just could not match it. Playable still today this game cemented itself as a classic coin-op. Made the take-away shop at our corner very popular indeed.



Street Fighter 2Ken & Ryu
Ken & Ryu - Who to choose. SF2 was possibly the pinnacle fighter game of the 90's. 1 title that drew masses of kids to the arcade. 2 fighting brothers - trained disciples of master Sheng Long. Later stories additions of the Street Fighter franchise, Ryu & Ken were friends on different quests and personal discovery paths. Basically they are brothers from different mothers. But still we choose Ryu for the Fireball (Hadouken) and still ken for the Dragon punch (Shoryuken) Had kids screaming this all over the 7th grade schoolyard.


Special Mentions:

Blood Brothers Screen

Blood Bros

Joe & MacJoe & Mac Screen









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