The How & the basic.

Shower & BathShower and wash every day, more often if the weather is hot, the office air- con fails, you work outside or you exercise or play sport. It’s a given that you shower before a hot date. Save time and alternate bathroom behaviour, i.e. It’s Ok to shave in the shower after or before your general willy-wash or armpit scrape. The strongest man pong does comes from the armpits, sweat is secreted by the apocrine glands to cool our body temperature and remove toxins. Hence a daily routine is vitally important to your hygiene and your interaction with society and the general public. Stay fresh Man!



Hitting the Gym ManHitting the gym is Awesome! Bacteria is bad and thrives in these public areas. Be sure to use a clean towel for each work out and remember to wipe down equipment before and after using it. When finishing up and it’s time for home and a steak dinner, dry yourself thoroughly. In between the folds of your arms, legs and groin. If you’re carrying a few kilos, be sure to keep every crevice dry.

Wash & dry clothes with care. Separate the business shirts from the sweaty gym gear, dirty jeans from socks and undies. You will have bacteria free, fresh smelling clothes just like Mum used to do for you. Use good quality laundry detergent and never let clothes sit in the laundry hamper wet.

Always use a deodorant or antiperspirant. Talc powder is especially good after application to avoid moisture build up. If you have sensitive skin you can look for non-allergenic brands. Also if you are sporting facial hair, using beard & shaving oils can help in lubricating the skin under that wonderful manfur.


Hairy Beasts – Sport and Work

Shiny, healthy, well-styled hair is hot right now. Add a beard and/ or moustache and you have some additional maintenance. Frequent shampooing and a monthly visit to a barber is all you need to do. Excessive armpit hair you can trim yourself, however body hair removal such as waxing is best left to the professional therapist. A run all over with the clippers can reduce the sweat and bacteria build up in some hard to reach places and you avoid looking like a stranded dolphin out of water. More on shaving pubic hair see our blog – Shaving Pubic Hair

Military refined feetMilitary refined feet - No Parmesan required                          

There are more sweat glands in your feet than in your armpits thus triple the pong factor.
Control smelly feet by washing them with an anti-bacterial soap and drying thoroughly. Wear socks made of natural fibres like cotton and wool and let your shoes air out for at least 24 hours before you put them on again. It is known to the military and infantry alike that a men cannot win a war if they are not mobilised. Unless you’re in a Tank or a chopper. Here is a top article on the importance of foot hygiene in the army and one of the most reliable means of mobility in the army.

Today is your dayAvoiding Bad Breath – Death Breath (Halitosis)

Simple oral hygiene will solve the problem of bad breath. Brush your teeth, including your tongue, at least twice a day. Regular dental check-ups and cleaning eliminates plaque build-up which causes decay and bad breath. Go easy on the onions, garlic and cigarettes and keep mints handy. Chewing gum after a meal, creates saliva that cleans the mouth decreasing build-up of daily mouth bacteria.


FartsHow to avoid flatulence “Farts” Know your enemy. Balance your diet and drink plenty of water and avoid large amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. Theseare known triggers, for example beans, cabbage, broccoli, apricots, Eggs, cooked tuna, rare beef, buttery pasty & wholegrains "Pies & Sausage Rolls" can be lethal if consumed at the wrong time of the day. Avoid strong smelling and spicy foods. Yes, it’s true, loading up with chilli and garlic causes extra sweating and adds to general body odour. You can learn more about these tummy trembles in our blog of "Farts" the gift from inside.



Waterworks BOSelecting a Sexy Manly Scent.

If you go for a new Baby Boy smell or Cave Man musk, a spritz of cologne will mingle with your natural body smell that becomes uniquely your own. Cologne should be used in combination with body antiperspirant or deodorant.

Remember less is more and it’s not chemical warfare. Just remember to moderate the morning application and reapply during the day.



Winning now thanks ManBrandManbrand Afterthought - So now you’re armed with enough know-how to avoid smelling like the back door on a prawn trawler, you’re fresh as a daisy and feel ready for action.

Go get ‘em Champ!

Lots of Bro-mance ManBrand!!


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