New Year 2016 = New Man

Here’s a list of resolutions that are way too hard to keep but are easy with just a little modification. Let's agree that most New Year's Resolutions are broken because you set the bar too high bro.

Work outNEW BEER 2016Health & Wellbeing:

Too hard: Get fit, join a gym, lose 10 kilos.

Easy: Put on your trainers, jog to the local pub, have a beer & skip the chips. Job done!




Too hard: Does 2016 require you cut down on alcohol......Ummm? 

Easy: Moderate excessive boosze events or you simply just walk slower to pub. Carry 1 beer at a time, rather than be the pack mule for the team. Job Done!

Eating & Diet:

Too hard: Give up fast food. Stop eating dodgy quick eats and plan ahead of time. Hit the Chicken Parma Tuesday and skip the chips. Job Done!

Dating: Being social and meeting new people is a fantastic way to kick off the New Year 2016.

2016 Relationship

Too hard: You could work your social media profile to the point where you are an awesome super human, including being a skydiver, acrobat an organic farmer and freedom fighter. However this is flawed and could potentially lead to over exposure. When in reality your social network has diminished to you and your cat sharing a tin of Tuna over great conversation? #greatcompany

Easy: Walk to pub, say hello to people, have a beer and start a friendly conversation. Sharing great, positive stories with others. Everyone loves a good bloke, make 2016 friends and build a foundation. Dating can be awkward and clunky unless foundations are made in "like" territory or familiar surroundings with "like" minded people. After all "birds of the same feather flock together"

Grooming: New Style =Feeling Great and confident in your appearance, whatever your style.

Too hard: Grow a hipster beard and pick a 2016 wardrobe.??
Easy: Embrace your style Man! It may be time to try something different, new hair style or groomin trend 2015-2016.

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