Recent Trends in Facial Hair

MANBRAND took to the streets to ascertain trends in facial hair. Actually, it was hissing down rain in Melbourne and no footy,so we opted a pub crawl and grabbed a mate Derek, who was also socialising with the natives at the TAB.

Derek is in advertising and helped many companies like ManBrand boom the on-line shopping world. Now semi-retired, Derek is ManBrand's go-to guru on trends of the recent past and, he loves a chat and a beer....

No seriously!! It's like drowning a small pony.. That's where our marketing dollars go. Well spent, we think.

A beer with Derek

ManBrand: Why so much facial hair right now Derek?

Derek: I call it the evolution of the chin-full.

M: Please explain.

D: Going back a bit, the Wolverine style sideburns were replaced by the important moustaches of best known sportsman like Aussie cricketer, Merv Hughes or WWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan these guys also had serious blooms of chest hair or gold chains, massive personalities to match the tash.

M:OK, that's full on what came next?

D:Oh,a few arty types rocked biker beards, but face fuzz didn't work with the permed mullets of, say, Dermott Brereton or MacGyver. No,we had to wait until the Hangover look arrived. Good Times!!

M:You have lost us, Derek.

facial hair styles

D:We could all blame Jimmy Barnes for his song," Cheap Wine and a Three Day Growth" but how damn good was that song. Well the truth is the stubble trend has always been trendy, way before Melbourne and Bondi hipsters made it cool. Beards are just more fragrant and cleaner nowdays. The rugged look will always be in trend, it's appealing to both sex's male and female. 

M: Naturally, we call this style of beard, the Ned Kelly, after our most famous  Aussie late- night shopper and local Robbin Hood. We're a cpmpany for all guys so beards are cool, they just need the odd tidy up or manscape to make em' better.

M:Thanks for your thoughts, Derek. We also have a blog post on 4 great facial hair styles.



For a cheerful chin full. We're here for Dudes!! Bearded or not ManBrand Love your Face MAN!!


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