1. Good shaving depends on good razor blades. 


There are lots of good quality razors in the Australian market. 3 & 5 blade razors see our selection.

Moreover, well-crafted shaving razors are better than disposable razors. So try to avoid single blade or moulded 2 twin blade disposable razors. Cheap and nasty come to mind although as they are produced quickly and use less quality base materials. Hence why Manbrand was developed? To get men a better shave for without the price tag of premium branded labels.

Cheap Razors Blade can also can harm your skin single & twin blade razors cause uneven shaving pressure and dull easily. They are more commonly used in surgical procedures and discarded immediately. Good quality razors will be designed with pressure sensitive heads and also soap or lubricating strips.

2. Blade care

Take care of your razor blades bro! Always try to choose a branded razor blade supplier, like ManBrand and dispose of heads after 4-5 shaves.

Never use blunt razor blades as it will cause your skin irritation and shaver bumps. Selecting a razor with Aloe or moisturizer will help with sensitive skin. "Bacteria is a bitch" and buy holding onto your old blades you are creating biological suicide your own bathroom. Bacteria builds up overtime and can cause rashes, acne or skin infection, even death. Ok, well not that bad, but pretty gross right? 

Bathroom Bacteria: Microban-Research-Finds-5Millions-Bacteria on razors

3. Know thy skin type & hair strength

Everybody knows about the famous quote of Socrates is ‘Know thyself ’. And like this before shaving you need to know about your skin type. You have to know whether your skin is tight or sensitive. 

If your skin is sensitive then use a light facial scrub and or a face wash to soften your facial hair. Beside you need to hydrate your skin with warm water for at least three to four minutes. It will make your facial hair very soft, then you can cut it easily.

Man Tip: Shave in the shower or take a bath, enjoy the grooming ritual.  

4. Moisturizing & Soaps.

Sensitive skin requires soap-free or fragrance free face balm. Besides, it is recommended by dermatologists to use moisturizing, conditioning, or soap-free shaving-gel for someone who has a dry skin. It will lessen the irritation from shaving. You get only one face, so taking time now counts. You'll thank us later when you become the George Clooney of the local nursing home when your 105 years old. 

Man Tip: One of our readers recommended using normal hair conditioner....What You say? Hear us out, the fact is it will deliver a close shave and not clog your blades.

5. Shaving Cream application:

While using shaving cream most men just slap shaving cream in their face by hand. Try to give it up!! Give a one minute to let the foam do its work. What’s the hurry! 

6. Toxic Crusader:

As men we can agree, lube is critical and WD-40 is the nectar of the gods for anything DIY or mechanical. However take caution when selecting some shaving lube, foams cream. Some products contain nasty ingredients like benzocaine or menthol. Never use this kind of foams or gel, repeat, never! This is toxic "You got a nice face bro" Keep it away from this toxic muck.

There is a reason they tested this chemical rubbish on animals years ago the shit is lethal and the manufacturers just made the chemical component acceptable for consumption. "That's all", go natural, it would be better to shave with Yoghurt and spare the rabbit. 

ManTip1: See our other blogpost on making essential oils, it's a party for your face.

Man Tip2: Shave foam is better for cleaning your bathroom mirror. http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-clean-mirrors/

7. Clean your face with cold water after: 

Use a separate towel for yourself to clean your face. Always keep your towel free from other uses “especially your flatmate or spouse”. Then gently use moisturizing aftershave lotion on your whole face. You can take a 5 minute nap after shaving. And it will totally fresh you up. 

We have got some great tips on men’s shaving. Now let’s talk about on some hygiene of shaving that men always forget.


1. Don’t use or shave friends shaving gear: It is often seen that men don’t care about this fact. Sometimes they use their roommates or family members shaving kits. Unless you want to improve your immune system, It is very much unhygienic practice. Make a dedicated area where you will put your things for shaving. Keep your own germs them there, and replace your blades.

2. Rinse your shaving blades. Most men forget to do this. It is better to clean the razor-blade with hot water, flick or rinse debris out of head. This will avoid the culture growth of bacteria and rust.

3. Make a routine of your shaving day. You have to determine that how often you will cut your facial hair keep the routine rolling with your lifestyle, work & play. So it's important you don't get caught out unexpectedly or look like a hobo on date night.

4. If you shave daily: Change your razor blades in every 5 - 10 days. Otherwise, if you shave irregularly, then 2 weeks are maximum to use a razor blade.

We hope you have gained some insight some of the basics with our 101 tips.

High Five MAN