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Razor Gang Theft

28 January 2015 5:07:24 pm AEDT

Razor Theft AustraliaDid you know ?...Theft keeps prices up

Theft of men’s grooming products is rampant in Australia. Health and beauty product retailers across all Australian retail channels have reported shoplifting as a critical concern due to pressure from the current economic conditions. Consumers attempt to maintain and sustain living standards with their demand in exchange for stolen goods. Men’s grooming products especially razor blades are an expensive commodity and easy to shoplift.

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Aussie Razor Review

6 February 2015 7:10:00 am AEDT

Aussie Product Review

Aussie Shaving Review 

They have a collective following of many thousands across Australia. ManBrand are proud to put our blades in the hands of their Man and get an honest opinion of Australia’s best online shave club. Hear what they had to say about our ManBrand Shave Club Aussie Razor Blades 


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Why do Cyclists Shave their Legs?

8 March 2015 9:32:13 am AEDT

Why do cyclists shave their legsEver wondered why our cycle mates shave their pins?

The facts are clear that shaving for bike enthusiasts is just as important as a neat bike and the sharp looking gear. 

So if your cycling calves can crack walnuts, here are 4 reasons for shaving those man pistons. 

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Facts & Myths of Shaving

15 March 2015 3:29:16 pm AEDT

 Facts & Myths ShavingWanna know the real deal in shaving?

ManBrand Shave Club want you to know the real facts behind shaving Man.

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Aloe Aloha!

3 April 2015 2:14:49 pm AEDT


Aloe Vera

Aloha friends! Take another look at Aloe Vera.

It's a must have companion of every man's bathroom

Aloe & Vitamin-E

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Spider ManBrand

10 April 2015 3:22:24 pm AEST


Spider ManBrand

Fan Art - Spider ManBrand

Well done to one of our members. Ryan from SA Congrats Bro!

Thanks for this Awesome pic dude. You have some pretty sick skills, you scored some freebies on us.

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How to Shave pubic & body hair

2 May 2015 9:02:00 am AEST

Shaving pubic hairWARNING Skill & precision is the key to this delicate but necessary bathroom grooming ritual.

Note: MANBRAND SHAVE CLUB AUSTRALIA are here to cheer you on but DO NOT take responsibility for your decision to go commando, nor do we take responsibility for injury as a result to grooming your sensitive man parts. We WILL PROVIDE you with the best tools for the job.

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Fun things for blokes to do in Australia

10 May 2015 10:31:55 am AEST

On-line researchFun things for blokes to do in Australia!

ManBrand Shave Club - Take a peek at where you can spend your manly moments in Australia. Here are some top activities and spots to visit on your travels. Take a break from your desk and day-job, reach out to the corners of our awesome country.

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