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Top Trends in Facial Hair 2015

6 October 2015 2:43:45 pm AEDT

Manbrand Derek

Recent Trends in Facial Hair

MANBRAND took to the streets to ascertain recent trends in facial hair. Actually, it was hissing down rain in Melbourne and no footy,so we opted for a pub crawl and grabbed a mate Derek, who was also socialising with the natives at the TAB

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Posted in Grooming By Manimal

Why do we have mates for life?

26 September 2015 3:49:00 pm AEST

Mates for life ManbrandAre your friends Mates for life?

Ever had a Mate that borrowed something then lost it! Ate your last slice of pizza, drank your last beer? Yep, he's probably your best mate. ManBrand take a look at why men form mates for life.

As individuals we often seek comfort in association with other like minded people, we form mutual bonds and values with others. Why are friends so important? Manbrand takes a look at bromance and why mates come before dates.

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Posted in Mankind Support By Manimal

Best Bro's in 80's & 90's Video Games

27 June 2015 5:15:42 pm AEST

Best Male Video Game CharactersManBrand takes a look at some of best Duo and Bromance partnerships in Video Games of the 80's & 90's.

Absolute Gems we loved to spend time with a best mate at the controls.

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Posted in Did you know? By Manimal

How are razor blades made?

26 June 2015 9:14:56 pm AEST

Laser Cutting bladeSo how are razor blades made? ManBrand Shave Club look at the art of engineering the edge we rely on.

Wet shaving, disposable razors, electric shavers. What actually delivers a better shave? Meh, who cares as long as I get to work on time. Right? Well we wanted to give an insight into the quality and engineering that delivers a better shave.

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Posted in Did you know? By CMC - Director Man

Farts - A gift from inside

20 June 2015 8:55:00 pm AEST

Farts are awesomeSo what are farts? Compressed tummy air that combines many of the chemical compounds that surround us all in everyday life. But a cocktail of these can produce the most unsettling results known to Man. ManBrand look at the farts and the delivery techniques that make this a sensational and humorous event.

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Posted in Did you know? By Dr ManBrand

Shaving Industry owes Men Millions $$

20 June 2015 11:54:41 am AEST


Shave your dollar Back Man! The shaving industry owes men Millions $$

In tight economic times, more men are watching their wallets and keeping a closer eye on their spending habits. New data shows people are spending less on luxuries like takeaway meals and holidays and entertainment. But when it comes to spending on essential, everyday items another trend is emerging that could save men hundreds of dollars.

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Posted in Press & Media By Director of ManBrand

Beer Nuts could be fatal

13 June 2015 3:39:56 pm AEST

The Truth about Beer NutsManbrand Takes a look at the delicious but potentially deadly Beer Nuts

Beer Nuts are a staple in the snack department by men within Pubs and Clubs across the globe. These salty morsels surpass nutritional value when compared to consuming beer on an empty stomach. But what else is lurking in the complimentary snack bowl?

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Posted in Pub Talk By Dr - Manbrand

Fun things for blokes to do in Australia

10 May 2015 10:31:55 am AEST

On-line researchFun things for blokes to do in Australia!

ManBrand Shave Club - Take a peek at where you can spend your manly moments in Australia. Here are some top activities and spots to visit on your travels. Take a break from your desk and day-job, reach out to the corners of our awesome country.

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Posted in Did you know? By Manimal
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