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Are your blades Great – No there Awesome!


Is MANBRAND Free to join?

Your Damn right it is! We don’t have any fees, you only pay for the razor blades you use each month.
You get a "Free Handle" with your 1st order and you can refer friends from your account for further discounts.
Oh! Yeah you can change or suspend your membership at anytime, just log into your account and change your status. Too easy Man!

When do you deliver these Awesome Blades? 

We ship most days in the week, your order arrives each month on time, so you don't have to remember to order your blades ever again.

How many Manbrand Razor Blades do I get? 

Evolution - 5 Blade + Trimmer (3 x blade pack) CAUTION THESE BLADES KICK ASS

Revolution - 3 Blade (4 x blade pack) AWESOME SHAVE VALUE FOR THE PRICE


Free Blades - Gimmie! Gimmie! 

OK, slow down there partner. The referral offer is your gift to give & give. You receive a 10% discount to forward to your friends, MANBRAND in turn reward you with an additional 50% off your next month order. 
Your balance and referred friends will be in your account page and receive the discount automatically. You can find more boring details in our full Terms of service

How long do your Awesome Razors last?

Shaving differs for every MAN. Our hairy MANBRAND research team found most men shave 3-4 and even up too 5 times a week. Each precision blade pack is designed to give you an awesome shave when replaced over a 1 month period, just in time for your next delivery. Don't suffer getting that last shave from your thrashed razor.

I want an Extra handle! – Sure MAN

Go to the Contact Us? page email and hit us up Man! For just $5 dollars for the Revolution-3 Handle and $6 dollars for the Evolution 5 Handle, we'll ship another to your door "Delivered Free Postage". Too Easy!

How do you get the cost low?

Smart logistics & a sophisticated low cost delivery model. 
Low cost doesn’t have to be poor quality friend? We just made shaving better, easy and cost effective in numbers, we pass the value of group buying directly to the customer with up to 70% saving when comared to similar retail products. 

What is your cancelation Policy?

You can cancel your membership service at anytime from the account login screen. We would be sorry to see you go, so please Contact Us? if you need assistance.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yep! We accept PayPal & major credit cards, too easy! PayPal is safe for "You the customer" If you really want you can just throw your dirty coin change at us Man?

Did we answer all your Q’s? – If we did Great!

If not, please Contact Us? 


What should I do with the money I save?

MANBRAND highly recommend Beer, Women and Fast cars. The of rest of your cash you can waste on candy and pirate hats, Ahrrrrr!

What’s Next MANBRAND?

We love the idea of MANKIND and helping others, so at the moment we are actively seeking partnerships with media and charities organisations that promote men’s health and well-being. 
We welcome all Members and users of this site to offer some partnership suggestions on our social pages, Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or instagram

It's your face and we care a damn lot about it!


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