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Your use of our site WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU is subject to MANBRAND SHAVE CLUB agreement. The policy informs users of our data collection practices and governs the e-commerce site and functional data collection. We recommend that all site users review this and check back to this page from time to time.
(“MANBRAND SHAVE CLUB, We, Us, Our”) Values (“You, your”) privacy and takes great security steps in protecting your (“personal information”) Name, email, shipping address and billing information. By browsing or using this site you acknowledge and have read and understood this agreement between
(“You”) the customer and (“Us”) MANBRAND.
The (“Privacy Policy” (Policy) Outlines how information is collected, obtained and used by our site WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU and our 3rd Party service providers. 
WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU may contain links to other (“Linked websites”). These linked sites are not under the control of MANBRAND, MANBRAND is not responsible for the contents of any Linked Site, this is a convenient offering, although does not include indorsement or imply association of individuals of MANBRAND or its operators. Please refer to the (“Linked websites”) Privacy and Policy documentation
MANBRAND engage certain technology experts and additional service providers to assist domain hosting, development and security of the product and technical service WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU
The contractual arrangements between these 3rd Parties are to supply and support the requested services on behalf of MANBRAND and you the members/customers. You hereby consent that information collected on the site will be maintained by MANBRAND accept that site data is shared with these 3rd Parties to improve or maintain the functionality and security of the service provided. MANBRAND are committed to you the customer. MANBRAND follow strict Data protection and confidential collection policies. Our technical management practices ensure high levels of compliance and although not every technology system is totally secure. MANBRAND promote best practice development and have taken commercial precaution to reduce the likelihood of security problems that compromise data integrity. WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU has implemented commercially reasonable precautions designed to minimise unauthorised account access, transactional risk, fraud and modification. These commercial precautions reflect the use and or the type of data collected through the member/account shipping and payment system.
MANBRAND does not acquire or collect personal information in either online or offline from anyone under the age of 13. If MANBRAND become aware of any membership/account by persons under the age of 13 our customer services team will remove, terminate or suspend the members/account.
If you become aware of persons under the age of 13 or your kid/child providing us with personal information please contact us via the Contact Us? page.
If you are under 18, you may use WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU only with permission of a parent or guardian.
Engagement or visiting our site WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU or sending correspondence via our contact us email constitutes as electronic communications. Your consent to receive electronic communication updates as a member/customer and acknowledge that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications provided to you electronically, via email and or on the site, satisfy any legal requirement that such communications need be in writing.
MANBRAND reserves the right, and sole discretion, to amend or change the Our Privacy Policy under which WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU is offered. The most current version of the Privacy Policy will supersede all previous or publicised versions or updates. MANBRAND encourages members/customers to periodically review the Privacy Policy and stay informed of these updates. MANBRAND may publicise these via email to existing member/customers.