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MAN BRAND ABN:  35 375 007 054 (“MANBRAND SHAVE CLUB, We, Us, Our”) Values your privacy and takes great security steps in protecting ("you and your") personal information, name, email, shipping address and billing information. By browsing or using this site you acknowledge and have read and understood this agreement between
(“You the customer") and (“Us, MANBRAND").
MANBRAND offers an online membership based service through the e-commerce site, comprised of web pages operated by MANBRAND. The site offers high quality men’s grooming and shaving equipment delivering direct to you (“the customer, your, you”). We provide savings gained from efficiencies in supply chain and direct delivery from our online e-commerce store to our members and customers. Our SHAVE CLUB is designed to simplify and automate the purchase of high quality products and to provide an overall improved experience in grooming needs for every Aussie MAN.
WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU is offered to customers with a conditional acceptance of the (the “Terms”) these terms cannot be modified, these terms form your relationship with MANBRAND and constitute your agreement with us. We encourage you read carefully and keep a copy for reference. Please check back on this page as from time to time regulations may require us to make amendments.
Your use of our site WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU is subject to MANBRAND agreement and Privacy Policy. The policy informs users of our data collection practices and governs the e-commerce site and functional data collection. We recommend that all site users review this.
MANBRAND does not acquire or collect personal information in either online or offline from anyone under the age of 13. If MANBRAND become aware of any membership/account by persons under the age of 13 our customer services team will remove, terminate or suspend the members/account.
If you become aware of persons under the age of 13 or your kid/child providing us with personal information please contact our service team via the Contact Us? page
If you are under 18, you may use WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU only with permission of a parent or guardian.
Engagement or visiting our site WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU or sending correspondence via our contact us email constitutes as electronic communications. Your consent to receive electronic communication updates as a member/customer and acknowledge that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications provided to you electronically, via email and or on the site, satisfy any legal requirement that such communications need be in writing.
If you use this site with an active login, you are responsible for securing the confidentiality of your account and password details. You are responsible for access to your personal computer or mobile device, all activities occurring under your account and or password. You may not assign sell or otherwise transfer your account details to any other person or entity. MANBRAND are not responsible for any third party access to your account that would contribute misappropriation of your account or theft. MANBRAND and its directed associates reserve the right to remove, refuse or cancel any service deemed to violate the account purpose or process, ultimately leading to a termination of the account. Our products and services are supplied from the site to the end user only, no distribution or resale of our products shall take place for any commercial sale or operation.
You are free to modify your membership/account anytime by logging into your account login entering your name and password, enter the Membership "My Dashboard" screen. You can suspended or cancel your membership from the "My subscriptions" tab. 
Free shipping is a service fee included within the product offering on all purchased items and recurring membership services. All goods are shipped by local and interstate carriers selected by the designated delivery address of the member/customer. MANBRAND do not ship outside Australia at this stage, see (“International Access & user Policy”) below. We utilise domestic carriers preferably Australia Post, your signature is not required upon delivery and in the event the goods are undeliverable to your specified location a postal slip or mail record may be left to instruct you of the collection of your package at the location of the mail centre or local post office. 
Delivery times vary between (5-10) days from date of membership service renewal or initial purchase. All estimated delivery times subject to carrier recommendations within metro and regional areas and subject to delivery outside of weekends and public holidays.
Postage and delivery is subject to carrier standard delivery times within Metro and Regional postal areas. MANBRAND is not responsible for lost or undelivered product by the designated carrier or Australia Post. Transfer of ownership title and loss is passed to customer from the point of delivery to the carrier. A receipt signature is not required by you on receipt of the goods at the location, however in the event the goods are not delivered on the day, a pick up notice may be issued for collection at your nearest Australia Post location depending on the service level within the specific region. Australia Post Standard delivery times
In the event "goods" or product are damaged in transit by the chosen delivery agent, MANBRAND will refund the goods value. We understand this happens and although this is outside of our control we recommend the member/customer contact our service centre via Contact Us? page, within 30 days of purchase. The process will be for the customer to return the damaged goods to us via post. Upon receipt and acceptance, MANBRAND will replace the damaged goods or provide a refund to the value of the specified order for that delivery period. In reference to our (“Refund Policy”), all refunds are subject to return shipment of goods at the customers shipping expense.
For your convenience MANBRAND Accept PayPal and credit card payment, you agree to pay all fees charges on your membership account and or individual purchase balance. All fees include GST and Free shipping, postage and handling. All payments are made in advance of shipping, for any reason if the credit card, PayPal or recurring payment or payment method specified/selected is not made on time, in full or cannot be charged for any other reason. MANBRAND will provide notification via automated email and reserve the right to terminate these terms and suspend and/or terminate the member account without notice. In the event the service team can be contacted via the Contact Us? can be contacted to reinstate the account if deemed paid in full.
MEMBER SERVICE; All member subscriptions are subject to automatic payment or recurring payment authority via Credit Card acess via PayPal or PayPal account. This is agreed upon by you the customer during the checkout and payment process.   
MEMBER DISCOUNTS AND REFERRALS; Member "Referral(s)" and bonus discount(s) are applied at a rate of 50% for each referred member who purchased a recurring month. New referred Members achieve additional 10% if they register and subscribe as a Member.
The referral discount is applied to the primary account holders recurring payment schedule, these credits can accrue overtime although cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer within the discount period. All credits are automatically calculated within the account holders login screen. MANBRAND referrals are provided as an incentive promotion in line with the terms of service. Referral accruals are not redeemable for cash and in the event of any violation of these terms MANBRAND may cancel or terminate the account.    
ACCOUNT PLAN - PAUSE or "TAKING A BREAK" Start up anytime.
From time to time if you feel you have accrued additional blades, "take a break" and suspend delivery of your plan for a month. Please log into "My Dashboard" to check your account or details, access the "My Subscription" tab and click "Suspend", to temporarily suspend your account. You can start back up anytime. 
We will temporary suspend your membership and this will be processed the next available billing cycle and you can restart after a month or the amount of time you request. We will provide automated correspondence during this time via email. As each member payment cycle is a separate product transaction the next billing period. will occur within the term after the request.
You are free to cancel your account by logging into "My Dashboard" to check your account or details and selecting "My Subscription" from the member order select "Cancel this subscription" Alternatively cancelation request can be sent via the Contact us? form. 
All cancelations will be processed within reasonable amount of time but may take (10) business days, we will provide automated correspondence during this time via email & PayPal. 
During this time members can use the remaining benefits until the term of membership expiry date. A pro-rata refund is not available, as each member payment cycle is a separate product transaction for the next period. Cancelations will occur within the term + up to (10) business days.
Please note, for any period of time copies of your personal account information may be kept in archive for either your requested service reactivation or further MANBRAND transaction records. 
We offer complete satisfaction for our products and if you are unhappy with any of our products for any reason, contact us and we will listen to your concern and take care of you. You can reach out to our customer support centre at Contact Us?
All refunds are subject to return shipment of goods at the customers shipping expense.
Our Rash Free Guarantee promotes we will refund the purchase price for the initial order or membership service within (30) days of the membership activation date. In reference to our (“Refund Policy”), all refunds are subject to return shipment of goods at the customers shipping expense. The return of any product contributes to additional quality control and or defect management carried out by MANBRAND.
WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU may contain links to other (“Linked websites”). These linked sites are not under the control of MANBRAND, MANBRAND is not responsible for the contents of any Linked Site, this is a convenient offering, although does not include indorsement or imply association of individuals of MANBRAND or its operators. Please refer to the (“Linked websites”) Privacy and Policy documentation.
MANBRAND engage certain technology experts and additional software service providers to assist domain hosting, development and security of the product, WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU.
The contractual arrangements between these 3rd Parties are to supply and support the requested services on behalf of MANBRAND and you the members/customers. You hereby consent that information collected on the site will be maintained by MANBRAND accept that site data is shared with these 3rd Parties to improve, refine or maintain the functionality, quality of services and site security provided. MANBRAND are committed to you the customer and preservation of your personal information. MANBRAND follow strict Data protection and confidential collection policies. Our technical management practices ensure high levels of compliance and although not every technology system is totally secure. MANBRAND promote best practice development technology and have taken commercial precaution to reduce the likelihood of security problems that compromise data integrity.WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU has implemented commercially reasonable precautions designed to minimise unauthorised account access, transactional risk, fraud and modification. These commercial precautions reflect the use and or the type of data collected through the member/account shipping and payment system.
MANBRAND is based in Australia and is an Australian based membership/subscription e-commerce store. WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU does not provide shipment or deliveries to international users. This service is not available at this time. You agree, that even though the access to the site may be active in regions other than Australia that the service is within AUSTRALIA ONLY. You are responsible for compliance with all local laws applicable for using the site and you agree to not use content accessed through WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU in any manner prohibited by these local and applicable laws. Please check back regularly to this site for updates on this policy and Terms of Service.
As the member/customer you are granted access to a single membership portal and set of login credentials/details. This forms a licence that is a revocable and non-transferable login for personal use. All information, store and content are the sole ownership of MANBRAND and Trademarks owned by the company. You warrant MANBRAND that you will not replicate, duplicate, and manipulate information provided on this site. You will not attempt to use the site, content, pictures and or to conduct activity that would be unlawful or prohibited by local, state or federal laws. You will not use the site in any way that would disable, overburden, impair or interfere with its operation or the use and enjoyment of any other community member/customers WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU This includes but not limited to hacking, malicious violation or interference. Obtaining and/or manipulation of material designed or designated for use within this site and its functional architecture. Basically unlawfully or intentionally causing harm to the site or 3rd Party services. The content is part of the service such as descriptive text, graphics, logos and images additional functional software licence are property of MANBRAND and Its contracted 3rd Party service providers these are protected by these terms.
Advertised Claims either through digital publication, social media, local advertisement and general referral offerings of potential savings through utilising MANBRAND services or product, provide no warranty and are compared by individual market assessment by the consumer. Claims based on product alternatives of existing consumer channels and retail alternatives.
MANBRAND provide no warranty in comparison to alternative product and pricing. MANBRAND provide a member service and product selection that the consumer is free to make market assessment and determine their individual savings and their personal consumable usage. 
You agree to indemnify the directors, employees, agents and 3rd Parties, for any losses, costs, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable legal attorney’s fees) relating to or arising out of your use of or inability thereof to use the site and/or services, your violation of any terms of this agreement, violation of any applicable laws, rules or regulations. MANBRAND reserves the right, at its own cost, to assume the exclusive defence and control of matters otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will cooperate with MANBRAND in asserting any available defences.
MANBRAND our Information and software, products and services made available through this site may from time to time have inaccuracies or typographical errors. We reserve the right to amend or make changes periodically to information by either MANBRAND or 3rd Party service providers. The suppliers, developers, directors and or associates employed or contracted by MANBRAND make no representation of the information herein for suitability, availability and or reliability of accuracy of the information and software, products and services. MANBRAND disclaim Warranties and conditions regarding this information. In no event will MANBRAND or its 3rd Party suppliers be liable for individual damages or incidental, indirect, direct, incidental damages for the delay, loss of data or performance of the site and its related services. If a customer does not agree with any conditional term or portion of this site, terms of service or privacy policy it is at the sole discretion and remedy to cancel membership/customer services and discontinue use of the site. 
MANBRAND reserves the right, and sole discretion, to amend or change the terms under which WWW.MANBRAND-SHAVECLUB.COM.AU is offered. The most current version of the terms will supersede all previous or publicised versions or updates. MANBRAND encourages customers to periodically review the Terms of Service as to stay informed of company and product/service updates.